• Phototherapy

    Infantulus II

    The first bililamp which reduces oxidative stress.

    The DMT Infantulus BiliLamp produces a unique mixture of light that enables more effective phototherapy than any other lamp and is less disturbing to patient, caregivers and parents. It is free of noise, does not produce heat, and is maintenance free during its complete life cycle.

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  • Infantulus II

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    Unique design
    Unique design The INFANTULUS is designed in such a way that it can be used for all neonates, both preterm as premature babies. The intensity can be adjusted easily in 3 positions, in which position 3 (highest intensity) is designed to prevent risky exchange transfusions.

    Environment friendly
    The INFANTULUS uses 3 different colors Power LEDs, whereby it changes the otherwise annoying blue light into a balanced white appearance.

    Developmental care
    The INFANTULUS is completely silent due to the unique cooling concept without fans. The lamp remains cold and by the absence of heating up the humidity control does not need to be adjusted. This reduces stress and harmful effects on the fragile newborn.

    To place directly on every incubator
    The INFANTULUS has rubber feet that are placed in such a way that the lamp fits on any type of incubator. Even on incubators in which the entire hood can be placed in (anti-) Trendelenburg, the INFANTULUS remains firmly in place.

    Oxidative Stress
    By oxidative stress, oxidative degradation of lipids will take place, causing the cells to use more energy for the stabilization of the cell membrane. By oxidative stress the DNA can be damaged. It is scientifically proven that the addition of the green spectrum results in reduction of oxidative stress. For this reason, the green spectrum is added to the INFANTULUS.

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