• Welcome at Dutch Medical Technology

    Dutch Medical Technology

    Welcome at Dutch Medical Technology


  • Infantulus the first bililamp which reduces oxidative stress

    Neonatal Phototherapy

    Infantulus the first bililamp which reduces oxidative stress
    without the need for additional lamps or biliblankets


  • Crigler Najjar LED therapy

    Crigler-Najjar (CNS)

    Crigler Najjar LED therapy
    Dutch Medical Technology provides the appropriate therapy for these patients. The DMT Crigler-Najjar is one of the most powerful LED therapy lights on the market.


Return Policy

DMT's return policy states that product cannot be returned to stock if:

  1. Customer has had the product for more than 30 days (from date received).
  2. The product ships or stored at any temperature that is not room temperature.
  3. The package has been opened or seal broken.
  4. The package is defaced or has writing on it.
  5. Is a hazardous product.
  6. Product is a media packed column.
  7. Product is custom or made to order.

Please note that if the return does not meet the above criteria, the item will be sent back without credit.

Once authorized for a return, please send as soon as possible. After 30 days we will cancel the return order and terminate any credit.

If you have any questions please contact Dutch Medical Technology.

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