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    Welcome at Dutch Medical Technology


  • Infantulus the first bililamp which reduces oxidative stress

    Neonatal Phototherapy

    Infantulus the first bililamp which reduces oxidative stress
    without the need for additional lamps or biliblankets


  • Crigler Najjar LED therapy

    Crigler-Najjar (CNS)

    Crigler Najjar LED therapy
    Dutch Medical Technology provides the appropriate therapy for these patients. The DMT Crigler-Najjar is one of the most powerful LED therapy lights on the market.


Dutch Medical Technology @ Medica 2016

Our Company

DMT is a Dutch company, specialized in development and production of phototherapy devices for neonatus, Crigler Najjar & psoriasis patients. For more than 10 years, we have worked together with scientists and University Hospitals to create a more safer bililamp, the INFANTULUS.

Already many years the American Academy of Pediatrics warns for the adverse clinical effects of too much Blue light (> 30 microW/cm2/nm for preterms & > 65 microW/cm2/nm for terms).

Most bililamp manufacturers find still the answer for better treatment in increasing the light intensity.

We found the solution in a more safer way:

  • mix of Blue and Green light to reduce Oxidative Stress & increase efficiency (see study: Mixed color phototherapy)
  • add Red light (creates ‘white’ light), so it can prevent or alleviate headaches and nausea to medical personnel, parents and other patients
  • The use of this mixed light source does not interfere with visual assessment of the neonate’s color
  • the light only reaches the intended patient and not the other patients in the room
  • use of Aluminum frame without fans to create a cold lamp that is extremely durable
  • the lamp can be used directly on top of an incubator (does not heat up or make noise)
  • the INFANTULUS is designed to be used under an incubator cover.
  • 3 light positions (very easy to handle, without the need to use additional lamps or phototherapy blankets)
  • warranty of 5 years
  • expected lamp life is 60.000 hours
  • extremely low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Together, we make the difference

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